Monday, July 28, 2008

oscillator VII ( Circular Oscillator )

This unit is one of the latest rarities of Zebranalogic. It's designed to be played horisontally. It comes with 2 Vco's, in different tones of frequency, low to high. It has 4 Lfo's implemented in different tempo, and a covering filter which makes it possible to generate exquisite tones. It comes with a five channel mixer, in which two channels are used by the envelope filter and the three others are free for additional mixing.This unit has a Stereo Output and comes with a 220m - 110 Adaptor. It has 1/8 inputs to be sent through any controller of 0 - 5 V or a Midi Cv. This unit can also be configured , via patches. You can play it aleatorically or in an ordered form, without risk of it being damaged.
-Lfo 4 output through each lfo triangular and square output 1/8.
-envelope filter inputs for controls 1/8.
- vco output 1/8 square wave shape-output 1/8 sawtooth wave shape-input 1/8 to control the lfo or any cv transmitor up to 5 Vinputs 1/8 for retroalimentation of the vco.
-3 independent inputs 1/8 for alternate combinations.
-master volume and Stereo Output.
-110ac - 220ac.
-Adaptor, 9 V dc.
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I have one, the VCF and its fuckin amazing!