Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dual Vcf

The dual VCF is a unit that includes two vcf modules that can be controlled via Midi, with the option to selects channels from 1 to 16.
The dual VCF can also be controlled in PWM and AD mode, Attack, Decay and you also have the option of controlling it with a separate Lfo, with four types of waves, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Disphased Sawtooth
The Dual VCF can be used in parallel mode using the filters as alternative for stereo simulation, or in serial mode on monaural alternative.

The Dual VCF includes a completely analog filter mode selector so that you can select the following three positions: Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass.

The dual Vcf include C.V. input.

The Dual VCF has a true bypass connection and works directly connected to 220ac or 110ac depending on your country of residence.

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The Cyclops

The Cyclops is one of the latest pedals from Zebranalogic. It's a delay that's controlled by light and works in the following way:
The Cyclops has a light emitter and a photoresistive receiver that catches the light that's being sent. The Cyclops has three ways of controlling it to be able to get a variation of the delay time.

1. By selecting de triangle waveform
2. By selecting the square waveform
3. By selecting the light mode. If selected, the delay time will be controlled manually by using your hand to block the amount of light that's being received and hence create a variation of the delay time.This unit has the following controls:

Feedback: controls the feedback level
speed:controls the velocity of the internal LFO
Switch: selects the waveforms square, triangle and light mode.

1) Non-flexible Light Stick

Jack input /out 1/4.

Jack, DC Power, 2.1 mm

The additional LFO that's featured in the video is not included when purchasing the Cyplops delay pedal.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is the last creation of zebranalogic the simple sequencer, this unit comes with delay ,vco, 9 steps and a LFO with two waves forms square and triangle.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

the circular oscillator VIII

This unit comes with the next implementation:
-midi input include : transpose, range, channel, PWM, midi cv note and midi thru.
-midi input: that only recognizes the on/off note,channel 1.
-4 distortion
controls: Gain,Eq and vol.
-8 lfo with square and triangular.
-1 white noise
controls:Lfo, Vol, Noise.
-4 signal extractor
controls:Input, Attack, Decay
-4 vca
-1 vcf light (low-pass filter BPF, controlled by light or lfo.
-3 vcf (band pass filters controlled by tension)
-2 mixer ouput stereo and 8 input
-2 envelopes filter
controls: Range, Decay.
-4 Vco
controls:Input 0-10 volts, Symetry
-Sequencer 9 steps.
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Monday, July 28, 2008


Zebranalogic, born in Lima Peru at the middle of 2003 with the idea of producing handmade musical artefacts, working with recyclable material and also factory production material.Zebranalogic focuses on the construction of oscillators well as guitar effects. Now zebranalogic has moved to Stockholm Sweden. Something that has given it more strength and vitality to continue on its path. I, Carlos Garcia, creator of zebranalogic, have done all this for my love to music, because I love the idea of having an instrument, modified, recycled and re-invented, considering all the formulas to make it. Because as we know this is a world where nothing is invented, but everything can be reinvented. Because of this zebranalogic takes a pattern of life and takes this concept not for money, fame or to sell billions but with the idea of making music cooperation. The idea of Innovation is already on the market in which there are already virtual appliances, touch screen, and so on. Zebra maintains the analogue idea but doesn't despise the digital one, and appreciates all kinds of advancement, but always caring of nature and the good virtue that this planet gives us. The possibilities we have to explore with music makes it possible for zebranalogic to continue existing. Thank you for trusting zebranalogic Carlos Garcia ,zetangas, carlangas.
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Oscillator III

This one of Zebranalogic's first units. This Synthesizer includes 5 modules and consists of a noise white and 4 Vco's configured in various frequencies, which helps to create nuances between the oscillators, when doing the final mix. What's interesting about this module is that the Vco's can module their respective Lfo's and they can also be mixed with all the sounds generated by this synthesizer. This, thanks to a 5-channel mixer which has a monoural output.This unit comes with a 110ac - 220ac Adaptor

Output 1/4

Case made of transparent Plexi-glass
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oscillator IV

This Synthesizer comes with the same components as the Oscillator III, but with an added Midi Cv and 4 analogue effects, such as Fuzz, Phase, Envelope Filter and Tremolo, which works as a Vca.The mixer is a 5-channel one. Monoural Output 1/4. This unit comes with a 110ac - 220ac AdaptorCase made almost entirely of plexi-glass, not all transparent as the oscillator III.
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