Sunday, May 9, 2010


The Cyclops

The Cyclops is one of the latest pedals from Zebranalogic. It's a delay that's controlled by light and works in the following way:
The Cyclops has a light emitter and a photoresistive receiver that catches the light that's being sent. The Cyclops has three ways of controlling it to be able to get a variation of the delay time.

1. By selecting de triangle waveform
2. By selecting the square waveform
3. By selecting the light mode. If selected, the delay time will be controlled manually by using your hand to block the amount of light that's being received and hence create a variation of the delay time.This unit has the following controls:

Feedback: controls the feedback level
speed:controls the velocity of the internal LFO
Switch: selects the waveforms square, triangle and light mode.

1) Non-flexible Light Stick

Jack input /out 1/4.

Jack, DC Power, 2.1 mm

The additional LFO that's featured in the video is not included when purchasing the Cyplops delay pedal.
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