Monday, July 28, 2008


Zebranalogic, born in Lima Peru at the middle of 2003 with the idea of producing handmade musical artefacts, working with recyclable material and also factory production material.Zebranalogic focuses on the construction of oscillators well as guitar effects. Now zebranalogic has moved to Stockholm Sweden. Something that has given it more strength and vitality to continue on its path. I, Carlos Garcia, creator of zebranalogic, have done all this for my love to music, because I love the idea of having an instrument, modified, recycled and re-invented, considering all the formulas to make it. Because as we know this is a world where nothing is invented, but everything can be reinvented. Because of this zebranalogic takes a pattern of life and takes this concept not for money, fame or to sell billions but with the idea of making music cooperation. The idea of Innovation is already on the market in which there are already virtual appliances, touch screen, and so on. Zebra maintains the analogue idea but doesn't despise the digital one, and appreciates all kinds of advancement, but always caring of nature and the good virtue that this planet gives us. The possibilities we have to explore with music makes it possible for zebranalogic to continue existing. Thank you for trusting zebranalogic Carlos Garcia ,zetangas, carlangas.
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