Friday, March 27, 2009

the circular oscillator VIII

This unit comes with the next implementation:
-midi input include : transpose, range, channel, PWM, midi cv note and midi thru.
-midi input: that only recognizes the on/off note,channel 1.
-4 distortion
controls: Gain,Eq and vol.
-8 lfo with square and triangular.
-1 white noise
controls:Lfo, Vol, Noise.
-4 signal extractor
controls:Input, Attack, Decay
-4 vca
-1 vcf light (low-pass filter BPF, controlled by light or lfo.
-3 vcf (band pass filters controlled by tension)
-2 mixer ouput stereo and 8 input
-2 envelopes filter
controls: Range, Decay.
-4 Vco
controls:Input 0-10 volts, Symetry
-Sequencer 9 steps.
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